• Full story campaign with four levels of difficulty 
  • Endless arcade mode with high score leaderboard 
  • Wide variety of tactics using turrets, drones, and SuperTech abilities 
  • Immersive realistic 3D graphics 
  • Career advancement – from Ensign to Admiral

Our extermination seems to be their only goal. If the human race is to survive, we must find a way to succeed where other more advanced races have already failed.  Unleash the full potential of Freedom Strike by utilizing three state-of-the-art primary weapon systems.



Employ eight types of automatically firing weapons, each with its own advantages and disadvantages for particular classes of enemy ships. Building or upgrading turrets requires Infinium.



The most powerful weapon in a player's arsenal, SuperTech can do everything from increasing resources collected by destroying Wrog to attacking every ship in a quadrant.  SuperTech has a 90-second cooldown.



Send a swarm of heavily armed spaceships to attack the Wrog. Deploying battleships requires fleet points, which are accumulated over time.