El año es 2170. Hace 10 años, la humanidad empezó a perder colonia tras colonia ante una invasión inexorable de naves orgánicas: los Wrog. Armadas enteras de la Terran Space Force han sido aniquiladas. Ahora, nuestra última esperanza recae en la TSF Freedom Strike, un colosal portanaves de clase Ares diseñado con el único objetivo de aplastar a la flota Wrog y salvar nuestra especie.


Without The Sarcasm (PAX South Best in Show), Ebongo: "Infinium Strike makes blasting crap in space look really, really pretty. Even losing results in some satisfyingly epic explosions. If blowing up the Wrog is wrong, I don't want to be right..."


MMOHuts, Jaime Skelton: "Infinium Strike...is gorgeous, intense, and robust. It plays more like an arcade space shooter than a tower defense game, and requires some quick thinking and planning to master."

Dad's Gaming Addiction, Vincent Paone: "Beautiful and eye-catching...reminds me of Battlestar Galactica a bit." "Beta...but still very fun!"

Gaming Convictions, Ryan Shoptaw: "I had so much fun playing Infinium Strike that I don't think I could go back and play any other tower defense game."