The first time we encountered the Wrog, our forces were massacred. Our extermination seemed to be their only goal. Upon salvaging their vessels, we found a rich source for the exotic element infinium. Now, infinium provides us with a chance of winning this seemingly endless war. 


“Just when you think the Wrog cant pull out something bigger and uglier, they up the ante.”

The boys at HQ didnt figure for something with the size and power of the Domineer.


“You know what they say about mosquitoes — ones annoying, but a million will kill you? Fellas, meet the Wrog mosquitoes.”

We've seen our strongest shields whittled down to nothing...and then the armor...and then the ship.


“The Wrog showed up, and our RADAR went down. We thought it was electrical interference. We were wrong.

The ship code named LASHER appears to lack any sort of traditional weaponry; however, it fires an EMP burst, which knocks out critical towers. 


“Check out those pincers and that viewing port. It looks pissed...” — Unknown TSF Pllot

Too big to be a fighter, too small to be a battleship, it outmaneuvered our Star Ace pilots. Then it unleashed carnage, taking out turrets with a single shot.